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The green spaces of the University are managed by the Garden Committee which is chaired by the Vice-Chancellor and a member secretary who is always a professor from the world-famous Department of Botany. All university gardens are nurtured by 'malis', skilled 'malis' and 'Chaudhuris'. The entire work is supervised by one horticulturist. The Garden Secretary oversees the smooth functioning and activities of the gardens. The Garden committee office maintains nurseries. The nursery holds stocks of ornamental perennials which are used for teaching purposes, annuals that produce flowers at different seasons, and various kinds of foliage plants. The nursery has a unique collection of living trees. Attached to it is a small medicinal garden.

The members of the Garden Committee:  

  1.  Prof. Sudeshna Mazumdar-Leighton, Department of Botany, (Secretary) 

  2.  Dr. Balaram Pani, Principal, Bhaskaracharya College (Joint Secretary)

  3.  Prof. Radhey Shyam Sharma (Dept. of Environmental Studies)

  4.  Prof. Arun Jagannath ( Dept. of Botany)

  5.  Prof. Rupam Kapoor (Dept. of Botany)

  6.  Dr. Avanijesh Awasthi (PGDAV College)

  7.  Dr. Sushma Moitra (Retd.)(Dept. of Botany, Miranda House)

  8.  Dr. Surender Kaur (Dept. of Botany, SGTB Khalsa College)

  9.  Dr. Anand Sonkar (Dept. of Botany, Hansraj College)

  10.  Dr. Harender Nath Tiwari (Dept. of Commerce, SRCC)

  11.  Dr. Madhu Bajaj (Dept. of Botany, Miranda House)

  12.  Prof . P.L. Uniyal, (Dept. of Botany)

  13.  Dr. Ashu Gupta (Dept. of Chemistry, Shyam Lal College)

  14.  Dr. Sushi Singh (Special Invitee)

  15.  Shri Sandeep Thakur (Special Invitee)

  16.  Dr. Anula Maurya, Principal, Kalindi College

If you need more information, have questions, or would like to offer a suggestion, please contact us. 

Contact details:

The Secretary

Garden Committee Office

University of Delhi, Delhi-7

Phone: 011-27662846


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