63    Annual Flower Show 2021


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Call of Aravalli Biodiversity Park 

Paradise of birds 

Winged Jewel 

Resurrection of Biodiversity Ⓒ

Tree census/वृक्ष गणना 

The University of Delhi is well known in the metropolis for its green spaces with varied flora and fauna, including pollinators like insects, birds and mammals. The University gardens are spread over 198.67 acres in North campus and about 65 acres in South campus, as areas associated with natural ridge forests. The University gardens not only enhance aesthetics within the campus but also provide recreational and spiritual services to the University community. They contribute in ameliorating air pollution in the campus. Hundreds of students utilize the garden spaces for their debates and discussion; sometimes, classes are held in the open green spaces. A number of bird watchers visit the campus gardens. The public also participates in Nature-walks through the University gardens as well as the nearby Kamla Nehru Ridge Park (maintained by DDA). Residents from neighboring areas and the city come to the campus for morning and evening walks, a major service rendered to the public by the University gardens.

Landscape Elements

The University gardens have several landscape elements. A popular destination of students, teachers and the public is the famous Mughal Garden. Another one that also attracts students is the Vice Chancellor’s Rose garden and terrace gardens located around the Vice-Regal lodge, which is the main administrative block of the University. The gardens of the Arts faculty buildings have their own beauty. The gardens of the inner quadrangles of the Art faculty buildings and the Science blocks (all of which are heritage buildings) are known for their aesthetics and used extensively by students and faculty. The gardens of the “Gandhi Bhavan” are attractive and spiritually evocative. Gardens of the University Guest House, the International Guest House and various post-graduate hostels have a serene beauty. The University also has hostels on its Dhaka campus and South campus which have small to large gardens of tranquil beauty. The University Arboretum close to the Utility center, Rugby stadium and different residential complexes have spacious and manicured gardens.

University Gardens

Humanities & Social Sciences Building

Quadrangle, Arts Faculty Building, 2018

Humanities & Social Sciences Building