Trees Act, 1994

It is hereby stated that activities involving removal of green/non-green parts of trees on the premises of the University of Delhi have to be compliant with the Delhi Preservation of Trees Act, 1994. Pruning of Trees in various Departments /Centers /Offices /Facilities/ Hostels/ Residential areas require due process and should not harm the growth or health of the trees. Heavy pruning is to be generally avoided. Accordingly, it is advised that related requests be completed on Form A/Form B (see attached Guidelines) and forwarded by email to with attached photographs. The pruning activity may be performed by civic agencies available to the requestor with cognizance of the University garden committee and approval (where necessary) of the Tree Officer, Department of Forests & Wildlife, Govt. of National Capital Territory of Delhi. In further compliance with initiatives of the MoEFCC, Forest Act of India and the Delhi Preservation of Trees Act, 1994 at the University of Delhi, plantings of native tree species in available spaces, vegetation gaps and denuded areas may be encouraged. Subsequent care-giving to planted saplings for a period of at least three years would make efforts to enhance green spaces at the University of Delhifruitful. Additional, compensatory tree planting and nurturing of planted saplings in areas where trees have fallen due to inclement weather, etc. is highly recommended.



(Garden Committee)

Garden Work Requisition Form 

(48 hours prior notice required)