Extensive gardens, lawns, and open spaces in the University are maintained on a daily basis by the malis, horticulturist and office staff of the Garden committee. In addition to watering, weeding, plantings, and daily upkeep of green areas, extensive recycling of dry leaf for production of organic manure/khad and mulching; collection of seeds of flowering plants is done each year. When required, the work is shared with professional outsourcing companies for machine-driven chores and inputs. In gardens, sprinklers are used to conserve water.











Garden Initiatives

Recent initiatives include ongoing development of herbal garden, "Nakshatra" and "Navgraha" gardens based on seasonality and medicinal importance of various plant species. Recent plantations of tree species include Elaeocarpus ganitrius, Adansonia digitata, and Ficus benghalensis var. krishnae.




लेमन घास 





Dear Visitors to the University Gardens Website,

Think Green and Rejuvenate. Be Well. Do well. Please stay safe during these times of the pandemic. Follow social distancing norms and good immunity- bolstering practices. Some Links for “at-home garden enthusiasts” prepared by student volunteers are below.

यूनिवर्सिटी गार्डन वेबसाइट के प्रिय आगंतुक..थिंक ग्रीन और खुशहाल रहें।

आप सबसे गुज़ारिश है कि कृपया कर इस वायरस महामारी से सुरक्षित रहें।सोशल डिस्टेंसिंग नॉर्म्स और अच्छी इम्युनिटी- सशक्त प्रैक्टिस का पालन करें।आप बगीचे के उत्साही लोगों के लिए कुछ लिंक नीचे दिए गए हैं..इनका अपने घरों में बैठे हुए आनंद ले। धन्यवाद!

A Home Composting Movie by Mansi Bansal, Research Scholar, Dept. of Botany, DU

A Home Gardening (Growing Succulents) Movie by K. Tingneivah Mate, Research Scholar, Dept. of Botany, DU

Simple Indian sites for home gardening related activities:

1. https://www.guide-to-houseplants.com/ - An easy way to get to know your indoor plants, with quick solutions, helpful how-tos and inspiration to grow something new. 

2.  https://indiagardening.com/ - A one stop solution for most of your gardening needs. From helpful tips, balcony and terrace garden ideas, DIYs to list of nurseries in major cities. A must visit for local garden enthusiasts.


World gardens:

1. http://www.missouribotanicalgarden.org - This website has spectacular, innovative gardening and botanical content. You can even enjoy beautiful virtual tours.

2. https://www.rhs.org/ -  The Royal Horticultural Society is UK's leading gardening charity. Visit to enjoy the virtual flower show at Chelsea, personalised tips, articles and advice from experts and much more.

3. https://www.kew.org/ -  This include web pages of Kew's 19 science teams (the Madagascar page is worth visiting for the Baobab trees), details of the 70,000 plant specimens in spirit and Decimus Burton's 4,880-sq-metre Temperate House from 1860.

4. http://gardening.cals.cornell.edu/ - Must visit. Cornell garden based learning site.

5. https://www.dutchgardens.com/ - Beautiful images, great information for almost all plants and vegetables and good solutions provided.

6. https://davesgarden.com/ - It is the most visited gardening community sites in the world.

7. http://talkingplants.blogspot.com/ - Tim Entwisle’s intelligent and entertaining views on life at RBG Kew.  He's worked as a senior manager in botanic gardens for over 20 years and is now Director of Conservation, Living Collections and Estates at Royal Botanic Gardens.

8.  https://www.biobees.com/ - The web destination for anyone interested in natural beekeeping.